Alien boss WIP

Well that was a long week, started a new job at a new school so no time for hobby.  Boo!  Today instead of planning lessons I have been painting, hurray!  I’ve nearly finished one of Eli’s excellent figures, so characterful.  I have based my paint scheme on Baron Sials Greenback from Danger Mouse

and something is bugging me.  The fur collar isn’t right, do you think I should paint it the same purple as the body armour?  Or maybe another colour?  The photos are rubbish by the way, quick snaps from my phone which make my painting look terrible, it’s not that bad in real life.  (I hope)

Any comments gratefully accepted.
Cheers, Rob

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  1. David

     /  September 10, 2012

    Love Baron Greenback! My feeling is that the collar needs to stand out a bit – so maybe dark grey with light grey/white high lights, like mink or ermine – as his face is quite dark and the body armour is a lovely mid-yellow/tan.



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